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Travel industry is among early adopters of In-memory technologies. With need to build real-time solutions in-memory is must to have for travel industry. NCache brings scale, performance and high reliability for Travel industry applications and data storage. Common cases for which NCache is used by Travel industry includes: dynamic pricing, run-time cross selling, cross site data center synchronization and high speed datastore.

NCache adds horizontal scalability for mission critical Travel applications and Ticketing systems. Using NCache, our customers can easily plug-in new hardware for horizontal scalability. NCache is perfect candidate for building high performing multiple endpoint applications such as travel agents, web and mobile interfaces. Resulting in dynamic data and high availability of inventory and product catalogs. NCache delivers elastic and dynamic scalability and is preferred choice of travel industry and ticketing solutions built in .NET.

Featured Customers

NCache Use case - Carlson Wagonlit
Virgin Atlantic
NCache Use Case - Kerzner
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Following are some interesting use cases of NCache for Travel industry needs:

  • Smart Ticketing/Booking Engine
  • Usage based Travel Insights
  • Real-time & Highly Available Reservation/Passenger Records
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Legacy System Transformation
  • High Performance and Elastic Scalability
  • Single data store for 360-degree Customer view
  • Intelligent Cross Selling
  • Cybersecurity & Encryption to meet Privacy Compliance
  • Easy SQL/LINQ Query and APIs

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