NCache Cloud for .NET in Azure / AWS

NCache Cloud is available in Azure and AWS Marketplaces as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means you can now obtain it quickly. You can also seamlessly scale your cache deployment without any down time.

You can purchase NCache Cloud on Annual Subscription basis or as Perpetual Licenses with Annual Support. When you purchase NCache Cloud, you buy it directly from the Azure / AWS marketplace and you pay Microsoft / Amazon for it and not Alachisoft. However, you obtain a custom quote from NCache sales team for each purchase and upon your approval this amount is charged to you through Azure / AWS marketplaces.

NCache Cloud offering is available only for NCache Enterprise edition. For NCache Professional edition, you must use it in the cloud through Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) model.

Free Trial (60-Day)

NCache Cloud provides a fully working 60-Day trial in Azure / AWS marketplaces that is totally free for evaluation purposes. You only pay for the underlying infrastructure like cache server VMs etc. and nothing for NCache Cloud licenses. This trial can be extended upon request for up to 180 days (6 months). Click below for more details.

Subscription or Perpetual Licenses

You can purchase NCache Cloud as Annual Subscription or as Perpetual Licenses. In case of Annual Subscription, regular support and maintenance is included in the price; whereas, with Perpetual Licenses, you must buy annual support and maintenance separately. On the other hand, Perpetual Licenses means you can permanently own these licenses. Click below for more detail.

How to Buy NCache Cloud?

NCache Cloud makes it very easy for you to buy it. And, whenever you buy NCache Cloud, you buy it from Azure / AWS and not Alachisoft. And, they bill you for it and collect payments from you. Click the link to learn about the process of buying NCache Cloud in detail.

NCache Enterprise vs Professional Editions in the Cloud

  1. NCache Cloud (SaaS) uses NCache Enterprise: when you purchase NCache Cloud, it uses the pre-configured NCache Enterprise Software VM images from Azure / AWS marketplaces.
  2. NCache Cloud provides Custom Private VM Images: if you need a customized VM image of NCache Enterprise Software, please contact our world-class tech support team can prepare custom private images of NCache Enterprise Software and make them available to you privately in Azure / AWS Marketplaces.
  3. Buy NCache Professional Software as BYOL: if you decide to purchase NCache Professional Software from Azure / AWS marketplaces, you can do so on a BYOL basis. Just contact our sales team to obtain a custom quote and then purchase NCache Professional from Alachisoft. Once you’ve purchased it, you are given a license key. Then, activate your NCache Professional Software in Azure / AWS marketplaces with this license key in a BYOL model.

NCache Cloud Deployed in Your Environment

When you purchase NCache Cloud for Azure / AWS, the actual cache servers are deployed inside your own cloud subscription and VNET. And, you’re responsible to pay for this infrastructure cost separately as it is not included in NCache Cloud prices. This provides you these benefits:

  1. Faster performance: having cache servers close to your application servers (meaning cache clients) ensures extremely fast performance because there is no cost of network hops or VPC Peering which would be required if cache servers were hosted in a separate VNET or subscription.
  2. Extra security & control: having cache servers inside your own VNET means extra security because you have total control over these cache servers and nobody including Alachisoft has any access to it except when you provide it (just like with on-premises).
  3. VMs of your choice with best discounts from Azure / AWS: NCache Cloud cache servers are hosted inside your own cloud subscription. And, you pay for NCache Cloud licenses and your VMs separately. This gives you the freedom to select VMs of your choice (Windows or Linux) and get the best prices and discounts on them directly from Azure / AWS based on your contractual relationship with them. And, you also know exactly how much NCache Cloud is costing you versus the VMs.

Deploy in Multiple Zones & Regions (WAN Replication)

In Azure / AWS, NCache Enterprise provides a powerful WAN Replication feature that allows you to replicate the cache across multiple zones within a region or even across multiple regions. You create clustered caches in each zone/region and then use NCache Bridge Topology for WAN Replication across all of them. You can replicate clustered caches across the WAN in active-passive, active-active, and 3+ active-active manner.

Get NCache Clients for Azure / AWS

NCache Cloud has a server portion and a client portion. The server portion is called NCache Enterprise Software that you obtain from Azure / AWS marketplaces as a VM. And, the client portion is something you can embed inside your application. You can obtain NCache Client from the following sources:

  • NuGet Packages: NCache has made available a list of NuGet packages for you to download and use inside Visual Studio to make client configuration seamless. The three most common NuGet packages are NCache.SDK, NCache.SessionStateProvider, and NCache.SessionServices. Detailed list of NuGet Packages is provided on the download page.
  • NCache Client Installer (.NET / Java ) (Windows): You can download a Windows Installer (.msi) file from the download page and install NCache Client on machines where your .NET / Java / Node.js / Scala application is running.
  • NCache Client Installer (.NET / Java) (Linux): You can download a .tar.gz file from the download page and install NCache Client on machines where your .NET / Java / Node.js / Scala application is running.

You can bundle the NCache Client libraries inside your .NET application and deploy to Azure and AWS. However, please note that bundled NCache Client libraries only provide an InProc Client Cache feature. OutProc Client Cache is only possible if you install NCache Client through Windows Installer (.msi file) or a Linux Installer (.tar.gz file).

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