Use SharePoint Storage Wisely by Externalizing BLOBs

SQL Server is a great database but like all other relational databases, it wasn’t designed to store BLOBs. And ironically SQL Server is the main SharePoint storage even though a large portion of SharePoint data is documents that are stored as BLOBs in SQL Server. And, this causes issues with SQL Server.

First, as the database size grows beyond 200 GB, SQL Server performance degrades considerably which results in a poorly-responsive SharePoint. Some people have even reported this degradation after 50 GB of database size. Either way, as you know, SharePoint can easily cross both of these limits and in fact get into TB’s of data.

Second, storing all the BLOBs in SQL Server is not very cost effective because SQL Server storage is typically very expensive. So, storing TB’s of data in that expensive storage can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

And, finally, if you have a really large database size, doing backup and restore becomes very challenging and slow. Many customers have complained that they cannot meet their backup restore SLA requirements with large SharePoint configurations.

The answer to all of this is to use StorageEdge. First, it will let you reduce the database size by externalizing all the BLOBs. StorageEdge moves the BLOBs to an external storage whether it is file system, SAN, NAS, or Cloud storage. StorageEdge does this either through EBS or RBS.

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Another thing that StorageEdge would do is let you use multiple SharePoint storage tiers along with archiving feature. This way, you can keep the most active documents in the most expensive SharePoint storage tier and move less active or older documents to cheaper SharePoint storage tiers. This will reduce your SharePoint storage cost dramatically. StorageEdge lets you archive your content based on various policies. It lets you move your content from one type of storage tier to another in real time, without any downtime or decline in performance.

And, when your documents are kept outside of the database, doing backup and restore also becomes much simpler. This will reduce your back and restore time and allow you to meet your SLA requirements.

Use Storage Wisely - Externalize BLOBs

Use Storage Wisely - Externalize BLOBs

Figure 1 : StorageEdge Rids you of BLOB Mgmt Tasks by Managing SharePoint Storage

 In a nutshell, externalizing BLOBs from SharePoint is not an option; rather it is a necessity for the best use of your storage and for SharePoint deployment to perform. StorageEdge lets you achieve that with an absolute ease.

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