Reduce Cost with SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint Archiving is an attraction for SharePoint users. SharePoint is a document centric product and the number of documents grows very rapidly in medium to large size company. Even after externalizing all the documents or BLOBs, the amount of storage needed is very large and keeping all those documents in one storage location often increases the storage cost because that storage is typically very expensive high end storage.

In reality, most of these documents are not commonly accessed, especially those that become older versions of a document. Keeping such large and unnecessary content on this expensive storage is not a wise idea so you should consider moving it to cheaper storage. Regarding this problem, StorageEdge provides a SharePoint archiving solution “multi-tier storage” that allows you to keep your most recent or the latest documents in the most expensive storage and archives older content out to less expensive storage. This will help reduce your organizational cost as the most expensive storage is not overwhelmed with millions of documents.

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StorageEdge does SharePoint archiving of these documents based on two criteria:
• Age
• Versioning

You can specify content age that allows your content to stay in a tier before it gets migrated to the next tier. This age can be specified separately for each storage tier and you can have as many tiers as you want.

The other criterion is based on document versioning. Whenever you update a document, SharePoint does not update the original document but instead creates a new version and save that. It preserves the older versions and when you update a document multiple times, you will end up creating many versions of it. Usually, everybody works on the latest copy of the documents so it is practical to archive the older versions to the cheaper storage tier and keep the latest version on your expensive storage tier. The subsequent tiers could be simply cheaper storage either locally in your LAN or Cloud storage. For Cloud Storage, you may want to control your bandwidth and for that StorageEdge provides bandwidth throttling feature that handles this automatically. I’ll discuss throttling in more detail later in a separate blog.

SharePoint Archiving
SharePoint Archiving

So by having multi-tier storage, you are able to reduce your storage cost. And, surprisingly, it also improves SharePoint performance because the most active storage (meaning your Tier-1) no longer contains all those huge amount of documents that would have overwhelmed it.

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  2. Steave on said:

    Sharepoint archiving can reduce cost are you sure? Five minutes ago I was totally unaware about sharepoint archiving was browsing something when I got this link, nice article btw.

    Can you tell me how can I get more information about sharepoint archiving?

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