Bandwidth Throttling Prevents SharePoint Slowdown in BLOB Externalization

I’ve already written about the need to externalize BLOBs in SharePoint and how it reduces your storage cost, improves SharePoint performance, and makes SharePoint database management simpler and easier. So, I hope you’re already convinced about the value of that.

But, if like most people your SharePoint content database is large, you will face the challenge that BLOB migration will consume all your SharePoint bandwidth and slow it down for your users. And, at the same time, you cannot afford to allocate a lengthy downtime just for BLOB externalization because your users need SharePoint all the time.

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So, what you really want to do is to externalize the BLOBs but without impacting your users negatively. StorageEdge handles this situation through a feature called Bandwidth Throttling that makes sure SharePoint performance remains good during BLOB externalization.

Bandwidth Throttling lets you specify when BLOB migration should be a full speed (full throttle), when it should be totally stopped, and when it should be at medium speed. You schedule different time slots and for each slot you specify a different migration speed.  With this, you can stop the bandwidth consumption during peak hours or lower it down in normal day activity. And, you can increase the speed or the bandwidth consumption when it is off time or at nights and during weekends.

You can use Bandwidth throttling also for reverting BLOBs back into SharePoint database, for doing garbage collection, or for transferring BLOBs from one storage-tier to another. You can also use it when converting from EBS to RBS. Without Bandwidth Throttling, the slowdown in SharePoint can be very annoying for your users.

Below is a snap of the admin GUI page in StorageEdge that allows you to configure all of this.


Example of Time Slots for Bandwidth Throttling:

  • From 4pm to 9 pm, it is heavily used. So no data is being migrated.
  • From 9pm to midnight, it is busy. So you’ll do all the particular set  migration
  • From midnight to 8am, you will do 100% migration
  • From 8am to 4pm, you will do 50% migration because all the usage is there but it’s not so heavy.

Bandwidth throttling helps you in such a way that your users are unaware of the BLOB migration happening.  And, having a good response time for SharePoint is important and there is no reason why BLOB migration should slowdown SharePoint.

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