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How to Integrate SharePoint with File Share Documents

SharePoint is without a doubt the most popular Content Management System (CMS) because of its centralized administration searching, indexing, workflows, and other powerful and easy to use features. Additionally, SharePoint is most often used as a document repository by companies. … Continue reading

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BLOBs Management on Remote Storage

Organizing SharePoint Content on remote storage locations after externalization is an important part of a typical day’s job of a SharePoint administrator. With as diverse options as Cloud based storage making inroads in our daily lives, it is not an … Continue reading

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Top 10 Must Have Features for Blob Externalization

I have written extensively about the benefits of externalization. And, in my opinion, there is no denying that BLOB externalization offers you a panacea to your SQL Server related BLOB storage worries. After weighing the relative benefits and costs of … Continue reading

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Move from EBS to RBS

SharePoint has seen such wide-scale adoption and enough empirical evidence is now available to establish that BLOB externalization outperforms in-SQL storage. BLOB storage in SQL Server hampers the overall performance of a SharePoint infrastructure. Microsoft first introduced External BLOB Storage … Continue reading

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To Externalize SharePoint BLOBs or Not?

A SharePoint administrator or an application designer is often faced with whether to externalize the BLOBs or not, and what architectural parameters to consider while making this decision. With the availability of frameworks such as EBS and RBS from Microsoft … Continue reading

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Which BLOBs to Externalize?

In an earlier debate here, I had talked about the fact the although there is a very strong case in favor of externalizing the BLOBs out of SQL Server to inexpensive tiers of storage for most of the SharePoint installations, … Continue reading

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How to Archive SharePoint Documents for Compliance

Organizations are often faced with the challenge of storing and retaining documents for compliance purposes for varying durations. Dealing with SEC, HIPAA, SOX, or DOD compliance requirements call for a reliable archiving and retention storage architecture. Administrators cannot afford any … Continue reading

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How to Reduce SharePoint Storage Cost with BLOB Offloading

Data loses its value as it gets older. The reference data which is less frequently used grows exponentially as compared to active data with the passage of time. Treating all this data alike has a negative impact on the costs … Continue reading

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Impact of Job Throttling On SharePoint Performance

Externalizing BLOBs is the nicety that can enhance the performance of SharePoint remarkably. However, dealing with TBs of content requires that tasks being performed on this large volume of data don’t hamper the performance of the SharePoint infrastructure. Consider a … Continue reading

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HTML Payload and SharePoint Performance

SharePoint web interface is essentially an ASP.NET application running on WFE servers. As is true for any other web application that larger the HTML payload sent to the browser, greater the amount of time it takes to travel over the … Continue reading

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