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Why use On-Premises SharePoint with BLOB Storage in the Cloud?

SharePoint cloud storage can provide significant reduction in cost by drastically reducing the total costs of ownership of storage hardware and its associated management. It is interesting to examine the possible scenarios in which the potentials of cloud based storage … Continue reading

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Using Windows Azure for smarter BLOBs storage

Windows Azure Platform consists of three product brands. These are Windows Azure (an operating system providing scalable compute and storage facilities), SQL Azure (a cloud-based, scale-out version of SQL Server) and Windows Azure AppFabric. Unstructured data or BLOB storage is … Continue reading

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Organize SharePoint Content on Remote Storage

With all and sundry blowing the trumpet of externalizing the BLOBs, I decided to explore one of the most important consideration for the SharePoint administrators – the management aspects of the externalized BLOBs. And as expected, StorageEdge didn’t disappoint me … Continue reading

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Data Security of the Externalized BLOBs

There cannot be two opinions about the significance of pushing the unstructured BLOB content out of SharePoint/SQL Server dynamic duo to the inexpensive storage. However, moving BLOBs to the external storage can result in compromising the externalized BLOBs security. Many … Continue reading

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Limitations of RBS FileStream Provider

As you know, SharePoint stores all its documents in SQL Server database as BLOBs. But, since SharePoint is a document-heavy product, the SQL Server database very quickly becomes too large to manage and also slows down SharePoint. To handle this, … Continue reading

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Link Legacy Documents to SharePoint without Copying

SharePoint, as the name suggests, means a place to share something. True to its name, SharePoint is essentially a document-centric collaboration platform, supporting sharing of documents, reports, calendars, lists, announcements and other publishable material. However, despite all the niceties, SharePoint … Continue reading

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Bandwidth Throttling Prevents SharePoint Slowdown in BLOB Externalization

I’ve already written about the need to externalize BLOBs in SharePoint and how it reduces your storage cost, improves SharePoint performance, and makes SharePoint database management simpler and easier. So, I hope you’re already convinced about the value of that. … Continue reading

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Reduce Cost with SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint Archiving is an attraction for SharePoint users. SharePoint is a document centric product and the number of documents grows very rapidly in medium to large size company. Even after externalizing all the documents or BLOBs, the amount of storage needed … Continue reading

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How to Optimize SharePoint Storage

It’s no secret that SharePoint is an extremely popular product because it offers really useful features for organizations that are trying to share documents and enhance collaboration. But, as you probably know, SharePoint content is by nature very document-centric because … Continue reading

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