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Structure your Externalized BLOBs using Multi-Tiered Storage

It is an established industry observation that the data loses its value as it gets older. A fair estimate reveals that in a typical environment, the active data constitutes only 2-4%, aging data is close to 10% and the rest … Continue reading

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Data Security of the Externalized BLOBs

There cannot be two opinions about the significance of pushing the unstructured BLOB content out of SharePoint/SQL Server dynamic duo to the inexpensive storage. However, moving BLOBs to the external storage can result in compromising the externalized BLOBs security. Many … Continue reading

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Use SharePoint Blob Caching for Performance Boost

I have written on a number of occasions on the way BLOBs are treated by the SharePoint/SQL Server combo and why it is important to separate the BLOBs out from the content metadata. One aspect of BLOB management is their … Continue reading

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