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AppFabric Alternatives Open Source Distributed Cache

Looking for Appfabric Alternatives? Today‚Äôs applications need to scale and handle extreme data loads due to explosion of web technologies and Internet of Things. The biggest bottleneck in the way of achieving this is the data tier with relational databases. … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Output Cache in Microsoft Azure to Improve Performance

Microsoft ASP.NET Output Cache provides functionality to cache rendered content of ASP.NET pages or user controls for a specified duration. This allows your ASP.NET application to serve all subsequent requests from the cache instead of re-rendering and re-execution of a … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Session State Store in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a platform for ASP.NET applications in the cloud. Very often, these applications are high transaction and mission critical in nature. Therefore, it is very important that these applications are able to scale and that there are no … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Session State Sharing across Multiple Azure Regions

Many high traffic ASP.NET applications in Microsoft Azure are deployed over multiple Microsoft Azure regions in order to handle geographically separated traffic. In these situations, the load balancer always sends traffic to the Microsoft Azure region closest to the user … Continue reading

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