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Storing ASP.NET Session State in Azure Distributed Cache

Microsoft Azure provides a platform for ASP.NET applications in the cloud. Very often, these applications are high transactional and mission critical in nature. Therefore, it is very important that these applications are able to scale and that there are no … Continue reading

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Share ASP.NET Session State across Multiple Azure Regions

Many high traffic ASP.NET applications in Microsoft Azure are deployed over multiple Microsoft Azure regions in order to handle geographically separated traffic. In these situations, the load balancer always sends traffic to the Microsoft Azure region closest to the user … Continue reading

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How to Replicate a Distributed Cache across the WAN

Web applications today are handling millions of users a day. Even with this high traffic, you have to maintain high performance for your users. To achieve this performance goal, many people are using in-memory distributed cache because it is faster … Continue reading

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Configure ASP.NET Session State for Web Farms

There is absolutely no doubt about it. ASP.NET has come to age and a good majority of ASP.NET applications now are high traffic and mission-critical. That means you cannot afford unscheduled downtime of either the entire website or some of … Continue reading

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