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How to Use Locking in a Distributed Cache for Data Consistency

Businesses today are developing high traffic ASP.NET web applications that serve tens of thousands of concurrent users. To handle this type of load, multiple application servers are deployed in a load balanced environment. In such a highly concurrent environment, multiple … Continue reading

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AppFabric Alternatives Open Source Distributed Cache

Looking for Appfabric Alternatives? Today’s applications need to scale and handle extreme data loads due to explosion of web technologies and Internet of Things. The biggest bottleneck in the way of achieving this is the data tier with relational databases. … Continue reading

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Event Driven .NET and Java Data Sharing using In-Memory Distributed Cache

These days, many companies are running both .NET and Java applications in their enterprise environment.  Often these applications need to share data with each other at runtime. The most common way they do that today is by storing the data … Continue reading

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How to Use Custom Dependency in Distributed Cache?

Today, web applications are increasingly using distributed cache for boosting performance and scalability by caching frequently used data so as to reduce expensive database trips. Distributed cache spans and synchronizes over multiple cache servers to let you scale in a … Continue reading

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How to Configure .NET 4.0 Cache to use a Distributed Cache?

In-memory distributed cache today has become really popular for applications running in a multi-server environment because it helps improve application scalability and performance. Until .NET Framework 3.5 there was ASP.NET Cache object available only for web application under System.Web.Caching namespace. … Continue reading

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How to Cache ASP.NET View State in a Distributed Cache?

ASP.NET today is widely used for high traffic web applications that need to handle millions of users and are deployed in load balanced web farms. One important part of ASP.NET is View State that many applications use. ASP.NET View State … Continue reading

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Synchronize Distributed Cache with Database using CLR Stored Procedures

Distributed caching has become a very important part of any high transaction application in order to ensure that the database does not become a scalability bottleneck. But, since a distributed cache keeps a copy of your application data, you must … Continue reading

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Entity Framework Applications Using Distributed Cache

Entity Framework is an object-relational mapping engine that provides abstraction from underlying relational database and therefore greatly simplifies development. Because of these benefits, more and more data-centric and high transactional applications and services are developed with Entity Framework. But, these … Continue reading

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How to Use LINQ for Searching Distributed Cache?

Distributed caching is becoming really popular among developers of high transaction applications because it improves your application’s performance and scalability. And, this popularity means that developers are caching more and more data in it which they also want to be … Continue reading

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How SQLCacheDependency Synchronizes Distributed Cache with Database?

Distributed Caching has become a popular way of improving .NET application performance and scalability. That is why developers are caching more and more data in distributed cache. However along with this come a few challenges. One important challenge is to … Continue reading

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