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In-Memory NoSQL – Improve .NET App Scalability

Modern day .NET applications must be well equipped to cope with the scalability demands being put on them due to the explosion of ASP.NET web applications reaching millions of users, WCF web services applications handling Internet of Things (IoT) devices, … Continue reading

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How to use a Distributed Cache for ASP.NET Output Cache?

ASP.NET Output Cache is a mechanism provided by Microsoft that allows you to keep an in memory copy of the rendered content of ASP.NET page. Due to this, ASP.NET is able to serve the subsequent user requests for this page … Continue reading

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How to Share Different Object Versions using Distributed Cache?

It is a fact of life that organizations have different applications using different versions of the same classes because they were developed at different points in time and are unable to keep up. It is also a fact of life … Continue reading

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Query a Distributed Cache with SQL-Like Aggregate Functions

Today, distributed cache is widely used to achieve scalability and performance in high traffic applications. Distributed cache offloads your database servers by serving cached data from in-memory store. In addition, few distributed caches also provide you SQL-like query capability, which … Continue reading

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