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Using NCache as Hibernate Second Level Java Cache

Hibernate is an Object-Relational Mapping library for Java language. It provides you mapping from Java classes to database table and reduces the overall development cycle. Because of benefits Hibernate provides, more and more high transactional applications are developed using Hibernate. … Continue reading

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Synchronize Distributed Cache with Database using CLR Stored Procedures

Distributed caching has become a very important part of any high transaction application in order to ensure that the database does not become a scalability bottleneck. But, since a distributed cache keeps a copy of your application data, you must … Continue reading

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How Compact Object Serialization Speeds up Distributed Cache?

Serialization transforms an object into a byte-stream so it can be moved out of a process either for persistence or to be sent to another process. And de-serialization is the reverse process that transforms a byte-stream back into an object. … Continue reading

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