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How to Improve ASP.NET Performance with Distributed Caching?

If your ASP.NET application only has a few users, you probably don’t care how fast or slow it is and it is probably giving you pretty good performance anyway. But, as you add more load to your ASP.NET application, the … Continue reading

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How Cache Dependency Manages Data Relationships?

Distributed cache is becoming very popular because it is a powerful way to boost your application performance and scalability and handle extreme transaction load without slowing down. Both .NET and Java applications are using it more and more each day. … Continue reading

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When to Use Client Cache with Distributed Caching?

A distributed cache is essential for any application that demands fast performance during extreme transaction loads. An in-memory distributed cache is faster than a database. And, it can provide linear scalability in handling greater transaction loads because it can easily … Continue reading

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